Psyche's Arrival Picture

"Thus poore Psyches being left alone, weeping and trembling on the toppe of the rocke, was blowne by the gentle aire and of shrilling Zephyrus, and carried from the hill with a meek winde, which retained her garments up, and by little and little bought her
downe into a deepe valley, where she was laid in a bed of most sweet and fragrant flowers..."

A project begun on a really slow day at the office and escalated into something more than the doodle it was originally intended to be. It's an interpretation of Cupid and Psyche, from Greek mythology. With some slight changes to the actual context of the myth (try [link]), but it's where my doodles took me, so I hope people like it.
I know the myth says nothing about Cupid coming to meet Psyche, but I always thought that he wouldn't have been able to resist coming to see her because he is seized by this love/lust for this mortal who he has been sent to bring to destruction. Plus this is something he experiences for the very first time in his life - he IS love, and yet this is the first time that he is IN it. And he is invisible until later in the story after all, so I always thought that he might have been there, unbeknownst to all.
As you can see I love this myth, and I have analyzed and reanalyzed and read and reread everything I could.
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