Eros and Psyche Picture

Eros and Psyche

One of my favorite mythological stories is about Eros and Psyche. Here goes the summary of the story:

There was once a king, famous because he had three lovely daughters. But the famous of all was Princess Psyche. Her beauty made the great Goddess of Love and Beauty angry, because common people tend to offer sacrifice to Psyche instead. Aphrodite's temples and altars were neglected, and people often tell that Psyche surpassed Aphrodite's beauty, thus making the Goddess angrier.

She summoned her mischievous son, the God of Love, none other than Eros himself. She told her son to make Psyche fell in love to the most hideous monster she'd lay her eyes on. Eros agreed.

Once Eros seen her, he got his arrow pierced his heart, thus making him love Psyche.

As time went by, Psyche's sisters were happily married. Everyone loved her, but no one asked her hand for marriage. Her parents were worried and consult the Oracle. The Oracle told the parents to leave Psyche to a mountain where a monster dwell, for Psyche's fate was for her to be married not to a mortal. Her parents, heartbroken and sad, agreed.

They left her on the mountain alone. Poor Psyche cried until she fell asleep. The great wind, Zephyr, carried her to a magnificent palace and there, Psyche was served by invisible attendants. Beautiful music was played, the food was served and the palace was so magnificent with precious stones.

Every night, her husband (she hadn't seen her husband since she set foot on the palace) came. He told her not to try to see his face. Psyche agreed.

Woooo this is quite a long story
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