Show me you Psyche Picture

"(Greek: Ψυχή, psyche, originally "breath", "blow" for ψύχω, "I breathe". Was among the ancient Greeks, a concept that defined the self) is a goddess of Greek mythology, who is the personification of the soul. [...] .Her story is an allegory to the human soul, which is purified by passions and misfortunes, and is therefore prepared to enjoy the true and pure happiness. In Psyche artwork is represented as a maiden with butterfly wings, a symbology which means that Psyche, like the butterfly, after a life as a crawling caterpillar, floats in the cool of the day and becomes a beautiful aspect of spring."

That's why her name is Psique.

I love her, and she always makes me relax when I'm drawing her... that's why I drew her.
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