In the Garden of the Past- Psyche Picture

I decided to start up a new arting project inspired by one of my favorite pieces by Naoko Takeuchi, but instead using fan senshi.

Here is piece #6 of 9 portions. I will upload each piece as I finish them, and I will upload a larger version of all of them together at the end.

This is Sailor Psyche in her formal-wear of the past. Based off mythology, it has always been a kind of joke to me and the player that this character was always in a sort of competition over who was more beautiful: Venus or Psyche. Personally I think Psyche is prettier, but I am completely biased!

Character belongs to my friend Appeal from Gaiaonline
Art belongs to me

Previous pieces from this series:

Iris by *LizzyJun, Jul 18, 2013 in Fan Art > Digital Art > Drawings > Other" data-super-img="" data-super-width="388" data-super-height="1625" data-super-transparent="true">
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