Psyche Picture

... At any rate," she told herself with rising courage, "I can spend the rest of my life searching for him.

If he has no more love for me,

at least I can show him how much I love him."

Cupid and Psyche!!! Read it now!!! Somehow!!

Fanart for Greek mythology, wut? XD Ah, so I drew this yesterday in English when I finished my test, so yeah~ Reading Cupid and Psyche was the night before's homework, that's why~ Waaah, it's really sad, but really cute and omg, happy end!!! That seems really rare to me in Greek mythology!! XD

Her head is too big!! D: So I kind of disguised it by giving her a cloak, hahaha, my cheat skills~ But that made her hands look extra small... Tips?

Hahaha, I can't draw toes!! |D;; Someone teach me how?

EDIT Oh yeah, I forgot to ask!! Umm, I have this monologuing project due Monday
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