Cupid and Psyche Picture

*** Thanks to *upsguy1997 for advice on the sky. ***

This is my entry for the #EmoticonOpus contest. Theme is Arrow. I know this is a stretch on the theme, but I didn't make it to win. I've been wanting to do a small emote scene for a while and it gave me an excuse. Particularly since this is one of my favorite stories in mythology and I have been thinking of it lately for unrelated reasons. Cupid's arrows are in the quiver on the floor. Also, in the tale, both Cupid and Psyche get pricked with the arrows, falling in love with each other (at different times).

This is the tale of Cupid and Psyche. Cupid married the beautiful Psyche through the gods, but he didn't want her knowing who he was. So they met nightly in the dark and he swore her to never try to see who he was. Well, one night, at the urging of her sisters, she lit a lamp and saw he was none other than the god, Cupid. This is from that scene. Of course, he awoke and fled, leaving her devastated. To learn the rest of the story, Google it.

I have long wanted to do a series of Mythology emotes couples. This is my second--the first was just two emotes. I may shift gears and do more full scenes in the future.

The inspiration for the room design in this piece is actually from a famous painting of the couple here ---> [link]

*** At least for now, not for use. (I may release later.) Please don't steal. ***
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