Cupid and Psyche Picture

W00t look another watercolor ^_^
if you have never read the story of Cupid and Psyche i highly recomend it.
most deffently an all time favorite.
i love to draw the two together.

to explain for those who do not wish to read the tale Cupid is sent to kill Psyche who makes his mom (Aphrodite/Venus) jelous but accidently pricks himself with his arrow of love and falls in love with Psyche. He saves her and visits her frequently, but every time he visited he demanded that she dont look at him, for he wanted her to love him for him and not because of immortality. ^_^ which is why the girl is blind in the painting. lol boy im not the one to like romance stuff very much but this story is really bad ass. i wont explain the rest of the story since i'll get a little bit to much into it. and who wants to read all that. ^_^ so enjoy the pic.
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