WIP.MythologyGuide.Dgn.Sketch Picture

Well, I got myself a project I'm not gonna complete this weekend.

"Guide to Mythology Creatures" with focus on reptiles, this is sketch at section: dragons.

"Here is pretty much the critical point for defining what dragon is. As all reptilian creatures, dragon's body is covered with scales/scaly hide. It has two pair of legs (front and hind) and a pair of bat-like wings. On legs, it usually has four toes ending with claws. Neck and tail are long. Dragons usually have one head, in rare cases more, they can breathe fire and then saliva can be poisonus. Mouth is full of sharp teeth. Dragons usually have more horns, growing from head, while spikes along the neck and the rest of the body aren't so rare either. (Ornate) "fins" are also relatively common.
This, dear friends, is a dragon.

Also, one important thing. Dragons. Do. Not. Have. Feathers. And. Fur. Period."
This is raw definition of a dragon (Eastern dragons. Do not belong to reptiles, at the moments they are stuck at Proteus.)

And no. If it doesn't have two pairs of legs, then it's not a dragon, it's a wyvern. (Too many people does that mistake, to count famous ones: dragonslayer movie makers, Harry Potter movie makers, Sucker Punch movie makers... Yes, movie studios, that's f**king wyvern, not a dragon.

Anyway, I've taken different approach to this artwork. I'm doing it all with inking tool.
Also, how cool is my hand-writing?

(And no. Descriptions will be in Sans, not in this writing you see on sketch. It takes way too long to write down a word in that style, let alone a whole paragraph. I've tried once, in school, to write with this writing... It's way too slow.)

Also, two things finished artwork won't have:
1. Watermarks so ugly than this one
2. so bad quality.

I've resized this one to 50% of original size, while finished artwork will be 67%. This was resized in MS Office Picture Manager, finished artwork will be resized in GIMP for better quality of lines and stuff.
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