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Entry history for plumerian #400, by Lady--Bug
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I wanted it to be like... 1.5k at most. I never thought I'd say this, but I have too much muse for a character.
This was tons of fun to write but I'm dying a little bit because of the length.
(also I have no idea where to put this so hopefully I got the category right)

WORD COUNT :: 3793 (I'm so sorry oh my god)

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(not entirely accurate to history)
  • born in small town X
  • seen as a miracle/blessed child X
  • pampered as he grew up X
  • eventually used for the family's reputation X
  • as a teen, he stops being the family's pawn X
  • rumors spread about him being demonic or evil X
  • once his powers are discovered, the townspeople attack him and run him out of town X
  • once away from danger, he decided to trek towards the coast X
  • he sees the problems in the world and mainly, the way chemicals have polluted and killed creatures and plants X
  • he eventually finds a seafaring village/town and is taken in by an old seafarer X
  • travels with the seafarer on his ship and becomes a part of the crew X
  • learns more about ocean mythology and the ways of the sea X
  • when the old seafarer is crushed by the mast in a storm, Proteus escapes into the sea and surviving crew members see him swimming into the water X
  • rumors begin to spread and so begins the many tales or rumors regarding the king of the sea, Proteus X

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