Lotis Awakens I Picture

"There is a lake whose shelving sides had shaped a sloping shore, and myrtles crowned the ridge. There Dryope had come, not dreaming of fate's design, and, what must make you more indignant, bringing garlands for the Nymphae. Near the lakeside was a water-lotus flowered, its crimson blooms like Tyrian dye, fair hope of fruit to come.
Dryope picked a posy of these flowers to please her boy. I meant to do the same (for I was there), when I saw drops of blood drip from the blossoms of the boughs shiver in horror. For this shrub, you see (too late the peasants told us), was the Nymphe Lotis who fled Priapus’s lechery and found changed features there but kept her name. Nothing of this my sister knew. She’d said prayers to the Nymphae and now in terror tried to turn away and leave, but found her feet rooted..."-Ovid, Metamorphoses 9.334
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My first attempt at digital art
I'm currently working on part II, which is the continuation of Ovid's Metamorphoses:

"She fought to free herself, but failed to move below her bosom. Gradually up from the soil right round her legs and loins bark climbed and clung; and, seeing it, she tried to tear her hair, but found...
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