Alpha to Omega Picture

Alpha is for Ariadne, Queen of the Mysteries and wife of Dionusos
Beta is for Bythos, an Ikhthyokentaur
Gamma is for Gaia, the Earth
Delta is for Dionusos, lord of wine and ecstasy
Epsilon is for Enyo, goddess of war
Zeta is for Zeus, Stormlord and King of the Gods
Eta is for Hera, Queen of Heaven
Theta is for Thysa, goddess of the Bakkhic frenzy
Iota is for Iris, messenger goddess of the rainbow
Kappa is for Kalliope, eldest of the Mousai
Lambda is for Lakhesis, the Apportioner, one of the Moraie
Mu is for Morpheus, god of dreams
Nu is for Nereus, the Old Man of the Sea
Xi is for Xanthe, Okeanid of the yellowed clouds of dawn and dusk
Omicron is for Oenos, the daemon of wine
Pi is for Priapus, the endowed fertility god
Rho is for Rhea, Earth Mother and Mother of the Olympians
Sigma is for Styx, one of the rivers of the underworld
Tau is for Typhoeus, Monstrous deamon of the cyclone
Upsilon is for Hyperion, titan of the sun
Phi is for Pherespondos, satyr messenger of Dionusos
Chi is for Kharon, Ferryman of the underworld
Psi is for Psykhe, goddess of the soul
Omega is for Okeanos, titan of the world-ocean
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