Gaia Picture

Gaia is one of the characters from my own vampire-novel (still not finished) "Angels & Devils".

original meaning:
It's a tough one this time...
She is Mother Earth in Greek mythology, born from Chaos. Without a mate she gave birth to Uranus (sky), Pontus (sea) and Ourea (mountains).
She married Uranus and gave birth to the Cyclops and the Titans. Uranus hated them and hid them in Gaias body causing her intense pain. She persuaded her son, the Titan Cronos, to castrate Uranus with a flint sickle as she lay with him. From the dripping blood she bore the Furies, and the Giants.
Later she had children with her son Pontus, like Nereus.

my meaning:
She is the daughter of Uriel [link] and Ariel (which I didn't upload because I'm not satified with her). And since Uriel belongs to the element of earth (in my opinion) I made a connection to earth for his daughter as well.
She works for a company called "Entertaining August", which is managed by the vampires of the Angel-Clan. Gaia is one of the dancers and singers (there are actors as well). They perform in Edinburgh during the festival month of August. They're playing on streets or in theaters - of course at night^^
I really like her hair but I'm not quite happy with her outfit. Her clogs are way to heavy though I intended them to be heavy... And the nets on her dress are not delicate enough. But maybe the roughness of her outfit suits her character...


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DATE: 2006-08-09
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