Thunderwing Reference Picture

Description: yellow or gold or green scales with black feathers and/or scales; glowing scales with either a blue, yellow, or green hue; sharp snouts; lighter or darker underbellies (dependent on age and gender); large, rounded wings with feathers at ends; flat ears
Abilities: great flies (some even good swimmers); can generate electricity in claws/teeth/tail to stun or even kill prey; excellent fishers; can hover or glide with just their smaller wings
Queen: Queen Phosphorus

Wow, it so nice to FINALLY upload this darn reference. (Novawing reference is still underway, but that's because of certain difficulties I can't really explain) I haven't uploaded something Wings of Fire related in a while, so there's that too. I did my best to make this dragon tribe look like I originally planned it, but also tried to give it that WoF feel. Something that I always look for in a design (and I feel not enough people do) "What is this based after, and does it work?" One of the reasons why I LOVE Pokémon so much is the thought and dedication that goes into many of their designs. TheNationalDex on YouTube, for example, lets me learn things about mythology, adaptation, and many other fields of science. All from POKEMON.
Looking through the different tribes in Wings of Fire, one can see a lot of design aspects that say "Hey, this dragon could function as an organism in their respective habitat." That's what I want to show with my dragons.
Anyway, I tormented you enough with my thoughts, so let me just say a few extra facts about Thunderwings
- They are one of the Six Secret Tribes
- They live in an island clustered with many cliffs, from where they usually fish
- Also on said cliffs, when there is a storm on the island (which is most of the year), all Thunderwings jump off the cliffs in order to be bolted by the lightning and recharge their electric scales (Yeah, basically the daredevils of dragons)
- They believe in Thunders, a great Thunderwing from thousands of years ago, said to bring life to the tribe with one echoing roar

I did my best to make Thunderwings as best as I can, but I can't help but feel that something is missing. What do you think? Any critics are welcome. Thank you all, and have a great day.
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