general dragon: drakaina Picture

drakainas are female dragons or the feminine forms of drakons derived from greek mythology. they are serpentine like most greek dragons, but they also have human features. most are the daughters of other monsters like Gaia the earth titan and were the mothers of other monster broods and greek dragons. generally, they are slain by other gods and demigods.

- Ceto (Keto, Crataeis, Trienuis): a primordial sea goddess who bred the phorcydes with another primordial sea god named phorcys.
- Delphyne: the guardian of the oracle of Delphi or the sinews of Zeus. she was slain by Apollo. from that, Apollo's title is Delphinius (Delphic)
- Echidna: the grand mother of most of Greece's most famous of monsters and mate to the most terrifying of beasts, Typhon. she was slain by a 100-eyed giant named Argus Panoptes.
- Lamia (Sybaris): a Libyan queen who, after consorting with zeus, was turned into a child-eating monster or daemoness by the jealous Hera. along with that, she also killed her own children and cursed her to not be able to close her eyes and have the constant visions of her dead offspring. to appease her, Zeus gave Lamia the ability to remove her eyes.
-Poena (Poine): a roman spirit of punishment and the goddess of divine retribution.
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