Mega Quagsire Picture

Quagsire evolves into Mega Quagsire with the Quagsirite

Name: Mega Quagsire
Species: Water Fish Pokemon
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: Unaware

Height: 1.67m
Weight: 94.3Kg

Hp: 95 >>> 95 (+0)
Att: 85 >>> 125 (+40)
Def: 85 >>> 105 (+20)
SpA: 65 >>> 75 (+10)
SpD: 65 >>> 95 (+30)
Spd: 35 >>> 35 (+0)

Mega Quagsire's appearance is based on the fact Quagsire's name is derived from ''quagmire'' and ''sire/siren'', a type of salamander. I gave Quagsire features of mermen, since Phorcys, the father of sirens in Greek mythology, was one. I also gave it a quite regal look, because of the other meaning of ''sire''.

Quagsire is made by GameFreak, Mega Quagsire is made by me,
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