History of Light and Dark. (Part 14) Picture

Another part to my revision of an old story I had on DA here. I re-edited, added more detail, changed some flaws and hopefully made the story much, much better.

This story stems from an old RP I used to belong in with another. The characters are personal OC's, from a private fictional RP me and another used to write in. Obviously you can tell we drew on Mythology of various sorts. While me and the other sadly fell apart in our friendship, I do still keep writing our characters. For this, this was a two person effort, as two of us wrote this story taking turns with our respective OC's. I started writing a small side fiction to the rp for Diana and my partner joined in with Pluto's side and advanced the whole story much more than I could of alone. Credit there. For the rest, I made it a true story format, put it on here and showed the world.
It's not perfect. It's not fantastic. It just is. It's a side fic me and a former friend wrote that I think meant a lot to us.
As said, also, being two people, I can't fully know why some characters act like they do. Like what Pluto was thinking when he asked Syus to marry him so quickly instead of fighting. It wasn't really written by my partner and I don't want to take bad guesses, so it's left to the imagination and the rest of the story.

Diana and Pluto's story for THIS fic is soon coming to an end. This IS real to their lives. It's the past though. In the RP, they were many, many years into the future, having their own kids, relationships and etc. A look to that will be in the very end of the story. No worries.

Thanks for reading, and I hope people enjoy this. Read from Part 1, it's not a story meant to be read without the whole story being known.
The characters, lands, all rp stuff is (C) to me and the other who wrote it respectively and where applicable.

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