Heracle's 13th Labor: Picture

During the Greek Mythology unit in my L.A. class, we learned about the 12 labors of Heracles (or as in the Roman translation and in Disney: Hercules). We were then assigned to create a monster that would later be used as the 13th task of Heracles.

I created Nycto. She looks human and that’s her actual form. She was a creation by Phobos, god of fear, as a tool he was going to use to terrorize mortals; but Hermes did something to mess it up as a part of a prank which resulted into Nycto. She loves to scare people but does it more as a way to have fun than for any malicious intentions. She lives in the dark forests to very far from Mycenae. Her special ability is that she can create a special type of mist that can make illusions for whoever gets rapped in it. The victim then hallucinates about their greatest fear.

I tried to make an opponent for Heracles that wouldn’t test his quick thinking and/or strength, but instead, make his challenge a little more physiological…I’m not exactly sure if I was able to do that very well, so give me your opinion on the matter.
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