Jack Merridew or The God Of Fear, Phobos. Picture

I shown this thing to:
- My Big Bro;
- My Mom;
- My Dad;
Big Bro thought at first it is his portrait and congratulated me;
Mom said it looks like Michael Jackson;
Dad said it looks like a character from Sims Medieval;
The truth is somewhere between these three: I wanted his face to look sharp, like MJ's, I was inspired by my Big Bro and I tried to make my Monarch look like him.
I certainly made him look older than 12. He's seventeen or something, like Phobos. I don't know if there are going to be more of these. Made in Paint, advanced version. Took about 15 minutes. This is my first drawing which is not a scanned pencil doodle. I started with the black background. Too lazy to draw plants or spears.
I am a hopeless fan of Lord Of The Flies And Greek Mythology.
Jack Merridew belongs to William Golding (A/N I think this guy didn't even dream of how awesome this book is).
Phobos is from the Greek Myths.
The art belongs to Me! MWAHAHAHAHA (Batty, out of minds laugh that degenerates into coughing like General Grievous).
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