Other World Meme Picture

The blank version is here: [link]

I saw this Kingdom Hearts meme and I thought it would be fun to fill! I suggest that more people should try this one out.

Normal: Jeremy as usual. Pretty cheery for all the black he wears.
Timeless river: This was just incredibly fun to make.
Olympus Coliseum: As much as I like greek mythology, I couldn't get very original here.
Agrabah: I changed the color of his genie skin at the last minute. I'm pretty glad I did!
Atlantica: I attempted a shark. Dunno if it shows.
Halloween Town: I liked this one, though it feels less Nightmare Before Christmas and more Corpse Bride.
Neverland: I didn't know where to go with this one, but I did know I wanted him to be a lost boy... so, weapons, footie pajamas and some indian stuff. Fairy dust is also completely unnecesary since Jeremy can fly by himself...
Prideland: Jeremy's crazy hair doesn't translate to lion cubs but... I think it was a pretty cute result in the end.
Port Royal: I admit I cheated with this one, I'm using an old drawing of him as a pirate. "Yarrr, I am Jeremy the Bloody!"
Space Paranoids: I don't know much about Tron, but I like the end result.
1000 Acre Wood: Christopher Robin Cosplay! But Jeremy's favorite toy isn't a bear, but a plushie skeleton. Meet Phobos-Kun, everyone.
The Land of Dragons: Didn't get much ideas here. Meh.
Beast's Castle: Jeremy loves cooking so, a frying pan he is!
Deep Jungle: Again, not many ideas. I guess he gets to show off his scar.
Wonderland: I want that hat and that tea set now.
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