Five reapers-pet edits Picture

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Note: they are sort of like Yamaduts hindu mythology
So you all know Hydroes, but not his team members, I'm still working on them.
Hydroes-Reaper of warriors and magic bearers
You know him, can act selfish and brutally honest. Hydroes is the 'youngest' reaper in the time, and is still sorta new at this. He has gotten into trouble, which has earned him quite some scarring. He doesn't get on well with Phoboes(Sorta intimidated by him) but is on friendly terms with Prezco. Uses a sycthe.(Typical)
Cebera-Reaper of Fairy folk and 'special cases'
Bittersweet and lovelorn, not much is known about her past(I haven't really thought about it/rough idea) but she and Phoboes have been at this job for centuries. She contains Phoboes's soul, and they are quite close.(Prezco and Ruth pair them up) She can be very perswasive.
Phoboes- Reaper of Royalty and Noblemen
Strong and silent type. He won't speak if he really wants to. So people usually listen if he does. (Mainly because he has a scary raspy voice that scares the crap out of you) Still WIP
Prezco-Reaper of Labourers and Farmers
Softspoken and gentlemanlike, Prezco is either dancing, playing his flute, or running through woods like a nutcase. While of duty of course. He talks his Ocupation really seriously, they say it's the only thing he ever is serious about. He was the one who taught Hydroes the ropes when he first joined.
Ruth-Reaper of Thieves and Rogues
Snarky, withdrawn and a terrible worrier. Ruth will never remove her mask.(Yes she has scars that were unceremosiously carved into her face) She thinks what if her job should be done it should be done well. She dislikes Hydroes, and sometimes Prezco. Yet looks up to Cerbera. WIP
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