The Goddess Harmonia Picture

Tweaking my Harmonia Concept.

This concept follows the Goddess Harmonia, daughter of Aphrodite and Ares, and how she determines her path between love and war, her mythos changes a bit. In my story she has a soft spot for humanity compared to the malevolent Ares, or vain and apathetic Aphrodite. She spends her time studying and admiring the mortals, and making sure her brothers Deimos (Fear) and Phobos (Panic) do not cuase any senseless harm to the them. However, it is in thier nature to be cruel and she often has to intervene with thier "fun". She tries reason with them, and sometimes fights them to protect the humans, She loses often though until she learns to embrace the aspect of war within her. Hepheastus in this story has no grudge against the illigimate child of his wife and gives Harmonia her armor, winged sandals, and staff. Partly, becuase he likes Harmonia and partly becuase it would piss Ares off.

When Ares and hsi sons decides to cuase death and destruction to Thebes for angering him, Harmonia took arms against him and led Cadmus's army to battle. The outcome seemed bleak until Harmonia finally came to terms with the two aspects of her being, she fully accepted she is the Goddess of Love and War and found her true strength, and with this cosmic balance was able to drive Ares army back.

Other notes: To me a staff would be a perfect weapon. Used efficiently is lethal and yet has restraint. This is why it is a good symbol of Harmonia. Offensive and defensive, being a compassionate being she wouldn't want to hurt you, however, if you give her no choice she will.

Might work up a Atalanta concept, another female I admire from Greek mythology.
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