Phobos and Deimos Picture

And this is my first work on Photoshop, but as it's my first one I'm not completely satisfied with it ^^U Especially because it has no background - not that I wanted this -.-

Anyway, this is one is a practice with DF's style, but I've made some mistakes like the shading and other things PLUS the mistake of doing all the lineart and coloring and everything in one layer >.> which is fatal.

The inspiration comes mainly from Galrick's t-shirt and some little Greek mythology. XD

About the characters: The twins, Phobos and Deimos, are avatars of War in Lore. Unlike other avatars*, they possess an prolonged life-span** and they faithfully carry on their assignment - spread war; they're responsible for every war involving northwest Battleonia - especially Falconreach. But as their 14-year-old appearance show, they're still somewhat immature and mischievous, and they like to play pranks on people they know, especially the adventurers. And yeah, they've visited Terra multiple times*** and they liked it; that's why they have that appearance. In terms of battle, they prefer not too involve themselves but if they have to respond, they are very skilled in manipulating fire, the element associated with war.

*Not very sure myself.
**Meaning they are thousand years old by now.
***They bought their t-shirts there.
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