Eurydike Picture

So that's a character of the greek mythology. Her name is Eurydike and she is a tree nymph. She married Orpheus. They were also a very lucky couple till a worse incidence tore them apart. Namely Aristaios, a snobbisg guy, tried to rape Eurydike. She fled of course but unfortunately she stepped on a snake and died. Yes, this is a very sad love story because Orpheus tried to rescue her and stepped down in the Hades and failed his mission. Persephone was so affected of his story, that she allowed him to take his Eurydike back home but on one condition: he wasn't allowed to look back while going through the Hades. Paradoxically he looked back -_- and Eurydike was forever lost! So this is the end of the very mournful tale.

This is my entry for *Dianae Gods, Godesses & Mythology Contest
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