Destroyer of Light 4 Picture

As you maybe remember, the Anthesteria was a festival celebrated in the honour of the wine god Dionysos, when people ceremoniously opened the pithoi with wine stored at the previous vintage (and it also had aspects of a festival of the dead). It was held for three days in the month of Anthesterion (loosely corresponding to February/March) and I've gotten the impression that it celebrated the beginning of spring (at least there were spring flowers available, since it says that people adorned their homes with them for the festival).

This comic is supposed to take place in early spring. Maybe it's too late for the Anthesteria if things are to be absolutely correct, but if I had to be absolutely correct all the time there would probably never be any comics.

The gods don't usually eat human food. They can do it if they want (I imagine that all of them like sweet things, like fruits and cookies), but cheese is obviously not to Persephone's taste. Actually, I'm just like her there. I mostly find cheese disgusting, especially melted cheese, and that seems to be extremely unusual (so, yes, I always order pizza without cheese. My friend Patrik thinks it embarrassing to go out and have pizza with me since "no one wants pizza without cheese, that's totally meaningless").
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