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Halen is a member of Persephone Park's harem. He is what is known in Scandinavian mythology as a nack, or a water spirit, known for luring women, men and children with their enchanted violin playing. He hails from the Göta älv river in Gothenburg, Sweden. Along with his natural talent for playing the violin, he is also a shapeshifter, and can take any form he so pleases. Though he is not a typically malicious spirit, he has lured at least a dozen people to drown. Because he is a water spirit, he becomes melancholy if he is not near a source of it. He swims fairly often and frequently bathes.

-Masculine men
-having his hair played with/pulled
-Hot baths/being in water

-Being without water
-Being unable to play his violin

Reason for flower choice: Halen prefers the company of men, and typically goes by the white carnation. However, because he lived in water so long, he occasionally wears water lilies (also called nix roses) in his hair.

Position in the house: Haremie
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