Persephone -Sephy- Portrait1 Picture

Another RP character- this time belonging to me.

She's a half Hamadryad- [unlike a normal dryad, she must not be parted with her bonded tree for too long, or she will die, and then the tree will die. Or, if the spirit of her tree is killed, she will die along with it.] The amulet around her neck is actually the wood of a confined tree spirt of a Weeping Willow, the tree that has been bonded to her late mother and then passed along directly to Persephone.

Being half-hamadryad, I tried for silver hair and mismatched eyes, and pale skin to give her a slightly 'less human' look [the silver-blue eye is her dryad half coming through, as is the silver hair]...however..somehow...her eyes managed to be incorrectly spaced. she started out pretty and now she kind of just looks retarded. >_<

Persephone (c) Me
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