Persephone Scribbles Picture

This is one of the deer characters from me and my dad's deer comic.~
Seph is named after my favourite character in Greek mythology ;u;
She's happy and social, but the reality of the world scares her. (Mostly war, since she's in one.)
So anyway I won't give the whole plot of the story away(We plan to illustrate it and upload it someday!)but here's some sketches.

...also she had wings. XD

I doubt anyone would, but do not under any circumstances steal or copy or trace this art, or Persephone's design, or the storyline, or anything! No sticky hands okay? ;n;
Again, I don't think anyone would take any of this stuff(I'm not exactly talented/famous after all XD)but just in case. NO STEALING.

Also shush up ~Nothing-But-Tragic :c
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