MEEP Picture

*Full view loves you!!!*

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLRIGHTY. More stuff that has been hiding in the sketch book I took to japan.

This, my friends, could possibly be the best thing I've ever drawn. Seriously. Of course, my scanner ONCE AGAIN killed it, but you get the idea. It didn't like being scaled down very much either. (reason why all the shadows are... absent.)
Anyways, though, The characters are all from my story 'Hello in There!' chick in the center is Persephone from the scrap I just submitted, she's hanging onto tora-bunny-man-chan's ear (which happens to be a donkey ear at the moment, seeing as I'm so punny and he's being an ass... XD), and Ryu is the other guy next to her. Reyn and Persephone's twin Diana in the back. And quick little note: all of the drinks in there are actual japanese drinks, that I miss very, very much. Let's see who can spot the ramune XD.

I happen to be terrified of coloring this, but I am now dying of colorloss (the Mako version of bloodloss), so, unless I rush-finish one of my new works, I will probably attempt to color this, too. Meh. Critique highly appreciated!
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