The Meeting Picture

This drawing is my personal interpretation of two mythical figures of the Ancient Greek folklore: Hades and Persephone.
Persephone was the young daughter of Demetra, the goodness of harvest, and she is known for being the Queen of the Underworld and the goodness of Spring, while her husband Hades is the King of Death and deads. In the story, he kidnapped Persephone to take her to his home and after she was desperate to come back on the Earth and compelled to let her go, he gaves her a pomegranade to eat. She eat it, so she was linked to the underworld for the eternity and she had to come back for six mounths each year. Every time she come back from the underworld, the Spring begins. I had in mind a different version of the story (more "modern"), but it's a personal idea and this drawing is only a part of the whole concept that I had imagined.
Anyway, Persephone is carrying a branch of "calycantus" that means "winter flower" (in fact, this plant blossom in full winter, during december/january, and has a wonderful smell). Hades is showing from a flock of ravens. I decided to use ravens because in Greek mythology, with dogs, are symbols of death, because in ancient times they were the animals that feast on corpses of soldiers fell during battle.
I've used ink pen, pencils and watercolors. Hope you like it!
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