Hades and Persephone Picture

Or Pluto and Proserpina if you're a lame Roman.

I had to look in a bunch of my comics and "how to draw" books, but I managed to make the folds in their clothing not look too much like stacked pancakes. Yay! Hades' head looks too small, but he's looking off to the side, so...I dunno.

I tried to draw these two the way I picture them--kind of scary, but mostly sad. Because of the whole Demeter spring thing, I tried to use twisted versions of plants: thorns, dead flowers, that poorly rendered Venus fly trap crown hair thing on Persephone's head, and of course those angsty black roses. I was tempted to made Hades' hair fire like it is in the Disney version, because even though I don't think he's a spiteful, pointy-toothed villian, I really liked his hair/outfit in that movie. So I made his hair look like it could be fire OR sharp leafy, thorny things. I even managed to clumsily foreshorten the duo's arms. Woo! I was really lazy when it came to the throne thingies, though. And the picture I looked at for doing Persephone's robe didn't have much foldage in the upper torso area, so if certain bits stick out you can blame my anime reference.
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