Hecate and Persephone, Colored Picture

Persephohi posted the lineart for this four and a half years ago, and I only discovered it through Bri-chan's art. In need of even more coloring practice, and thinking the lineart was just swell, I took this and practiced on it. (I do love Greek mythology...)

Persephone's color came from Persephohi's devArt, and Hecate's coloring... I didn't know how to do her, so I based her off of Midna from 'Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess.' It seemed to work, right down to the designs on the dress.

So, the coloring was started around last fall, and the background was added in January - taken from a National Geographic photo by Annie Griffiths Belt.

Thank you, Persephohi! I only wish I knew how to link to your DevArt account in comments.
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