:Quietus: Picture

EDIT: few minutes after I uploaded this.

Let's start the rant!!!

I'm now pretty sane so...don't ask me what flowers or plants are drawn here because trust me, I don't really know much about flowers to save my life, I couldn't even draw a decent one! I just practically copied them from my Mom's pillowcasesLOL!. I also used a pic for Sasuke's arm guard, gloves whatever you call that, and I'm so sorry because I though it's just a random pic from google but was horrified when I saw it as print here in DA, I hope the artist wouldn't hate me. It was an honest mistake, had I known it I would have asked for permission first or would have not used it as a reference at all! I've already painted it when I learned that it's an art from here! Do you think I'll be reported or something?
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