Rising of Persephone Picture

its a narrative piece based on greek mythology. Persephone was the Daughter of Demeter, goddess of grain and harvest and nature. her daughter, Persephone was a goddess of flowers and spring. one day while she was picking flowers in the forest with some of her hand maidens, she was abducted by Hades, the lord of the underworld who had secretly longed for her. Demeter was upset when she found out Persephone was missing and searched the world for her and grew mad with sadness. when she asked her brother Zeus for assistance he told her what had happened, although he felt bad for Demeter, he also felt bad for Hades and knew that a really bad fight was going to break out between the siblings. Demeter was furious and decided that if she had to suffer, so would the world and took out her anger on nature. plants died and crops withered. animals and people died and the barren. Knowing if he didnt act fast, the earth would suffer, Zeus intervened and told Hades he had to give back Persephone, who while this was all happening, was starving herself and would not speak. So finally, Hades agreed, but asked that she eat something before she leave, so she did, she ate for seeds from a pomegrante seed, but there was a catch, because once you ate from the land of the dead you had to come back. so for about 6 month Persephone comes back and Demeter gets happy agian and makes the earth spring with life and creates hurricanes in florida becasue she hated florida since its named after flora, who makes it summer time here year round cause shes an evil hoe, and then it becomes winter again because Persephone has to leave becasue she is Hades cumdumpster...the end

and thats how the seasons came to be...fuckkk mann... to much typing...
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