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African Mythology

Name: Normally known as Amadi

Age: Physically 21, real age unknown

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, leans to women by a hair

Birthday: October 3

Height: 6'5

Species: Bongo Humanoid

Personality: Personality depends on his mood

Occupation: Storyteller, hunter

Relationship Status: Single

Friends: Most of the people he meets

Weapons: A spear

Likes: Smoking, telling stories about things, fables, folktales,

Dislikes: Molting time for his sister, feathers on the floor of his house

Relatives: Nina (-Russian Mythology, step-sister-), Antinanco (- Native American Mythology, brother-)

Other: He's a bit of a clean freak when it's molting time.

Voice: Debating on [link] or [link]

Russian Mythology

Name: Normally known as Nina

Age: Physically 17

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Birthday: December 29

Height: 5'1

Species: Bird Humanoid

Personality: She's really quiet, doesn't like to stand out, personality wise.

Occupation: Astronomer

Relationship Status: Single

Friends: Eluka and Persephone

Weapons: Her talons

Likes: Reading, studying about the constellations

Dislikes: Dropping feathers

Relatives: Amadi (-African Mythology, step-brother-), Antinanco (- Native American Mythology, step-brother-)

Other: She's rather studious about the stars.

Voice: [link]
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