Flora Persephone Picture

***a departure from my usual theme. considering i'm not nuts about flowers, altho i am occasionally nuts about using as many colour pencils as i can in one artwork**

For my dear friend Flora who went through a series of unfortunate events including cancer (which she survived) and a messy divorce (which she also survived). In between all that were various hardships of life including bitchy colleagues and people trying to take advantage of her giving, forgiving nature. When i first met her I thought she was soft. Then I realised it is often the soft people who are most resilient - they bend, but they never break.

This is for her. Persephone, eternal maiden of spring and symbol of new beginnings. Because at the end of every bitter break-up and successful cancer battle is a new beginning.

* * * *
I was working on this when a song came on the radio - Send Me An Angel by the Scorpions. Couldn't have had better timing. I think Flora would love the lyrics, and so here is part of them.
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