Persephone Picture

it's official... I hate inking wings! They looked so good in the sketch! ;^;

I kept the uniform basically the same, but for one reason or another hers seems to be in a state if disarray.

The reason i scrapped Bior was because the more I looked at him the less I liked him. The more I look at this char. the more I like her. XD i made her a girl because she looked stupid as a man, which sadened me. Plus I don't have enough female characters

Now for meat and potatoes!! XD

Character Name: Persephone (per-sef-o-nee)

Character Species: Gryphon

Powers: Persephone, apart from flying, is blessed with incredable streangth. She has no concious power over the elements (which drives her crazy because of her love of good flying conditions) however when she feels a very powerful emotion, the natural world around her seems to bend itself to that emotion. Were that emotion say... anger, storm clouds would gather, maybe a flash of lightning here and there. You get the idea. She has three basic forms: her gryphon form, her human form, and what you see here.

Hails From: Greece

Character Sheet: HERE! XD

Brief Character History/Description: Persephone is as vain and proud as her mythological counterpart. If there is one thing Persephone loves more then clear skies and soft winds, it's being showered with compliments. She isn't a mean person, but she has a major anger problem when it comes to being insulted. She is intrigued by angels because they are "almost as beautiful as me" She's not too fond of demons for the opposite reason (succubi are of course discounted because they don't fit that mold
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