Hades and Persephone--Hades' Gift Picture

©Mili Fay Art. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use this artwork in any way, please contact me.

“It’s yours,” Hades whispered in her ear, and Persephone
opened her eyes.
A forest stretched within the cave and she gasped
in wonder as she beheld trees again. A lake sparkled,
clear and blue at her feet, catching the light of the
crystals above. For the first time since her capture,
she felt joy, making butterflies sparkle around her and
grass grow lush at her feet.
“Unlike your mother, I cannot gift you with a real forest, but I have fashioned one that can never die.”
As Hades spoke, she noticed for the first time that
there was an odd sparkle to the trees. She looked up
into the god’s eyes, and he smiled to see her happy.
“Gold and precious stones, ” he explained. “These
caves are yours, I know you can
make them come to life.”
“Thank you,” Persephone whispered as a blue-winged
butterfly rested on Hades’ shoulder.

I created this as a two-page illustration spread for my portfolio. I always wanted to illustrate and write my version of this story. Ah... The good old times. Can't believe I did this in 2009.
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