Persephone Picture

My girl Persephone...

I created alot of amazing female characters... but when I finally complete a comic book, this is the girl who has the starring female role lol. What I mean is... this story is based on the tale of Hades and Persephone from Greek Mythology... that means fantasy and gods. I was thinking, "would that mean that the characters in this story would be.. creative and magical?"... heh... They are all actually pretty normal personality wise... kind of flawed even... but if a character is perfect.. then it kind of makes them boring.

Persephone here... well... shes kind of a preppy.. stuck up... she grows through the story... or more like she comes to understand things deeper...

Alot of people who read my comic told me that they hated her... because shes...stuck-up... which I was thrilled about. When someone can tell you they hate one of your characters it means that you succeeded in making your character real... or something...

Neway... just ignore my babbling. I hope you like this. I got some new color pencils... they run lighter than Crayola... but they make a smoother effect I think ^_^
I know her anatomy isn't that fantastic, but I kind of like it because I rarely draw a character in a pose like this.
Please enjoy ^_^

(P.S. forgive the scan lines.... my scanners just about ready to say hello to St. Peter... ugh...)
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