Escape from Apollo Picture

Escape from Apollo's Grasp:

*Credits on the piece will be on the project. Every single one.

So my Digital Imaging teacher apparently thinks that I am too advanced for the class but she really couldn't care. The project that this is for is called "Half Breeds". She started referencing Mythological beings and their stories and it got me thinking.

At first I wanted to do Cerberus or the Sphinx but I decided not to. Because I don't know if I could pull it off. So I decided to do the story of Daphne and Apollo.

Daphne is a Nymph who Apollo falls in love with. That's because Apollo made fun of Eros' archery skills. So as punishment, Eros made him fall in love with Daphne. He ends up chasing her because he's creepy like that. Daphne doesn't love him so she begs either Gaia or the river god Peneus to help her. One of them turns her into a Laurel tree so she can escape Apollo. Thus why the Laurel tree is sacred to Apollo.

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