Hades ref 2013-2014 Picture

This is the alicorn "ruler" of my newest species Mythos Ponies!! C: They're all ponies based off of Greek/Roman mythological characters ^^ THEY ARE A CLOSED SPECIES 5 POINTS FOR ONE they're a part of Misfit Kingdom ouo
Name: Hades
Age: ??
Gender: Male
Species: Alicorn Mythos Pony
CM: Symbol of Pluto and a bloody scyth
-his guardianship over the dead/job of being the grim reaper essentially-

Head one (blue mane):
The first head embodies Hades's arrogance,pride, and greed. He wants anything and everything, and believes with all his heart he deserves it. He's also the stubbornest head that tends to take charge in most situation and speaks the most to his people/others

Head two (purple mane):
This head is the often shy,caring,gentle head. It shows off Hades's kindest side and the one that shows love and affection towards all his people(and even other people). This is the head most likely to confess to Hades's real feelings about you.(btw)

Head three(red/black mane):
This head is the serious,cold one. This is the head the represents that part of Hades that doesn't much care about what his choices do to those around him, but more about the end result. This is the head that speaks the most when he is upset over anything.

SO: pan-sexual
Status: taken(mmm he luffles his gal)

All 3 heads have fangs,gold eyes
His large wings can acctually carry him
Hades is much larger than your average alicorn(lol duh)

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