Capricornus--The Sea Goat Picture

Title: Capricornus--2008
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 24 X 30 Inches

Notes:The constellation Capricornus is arguably one of the oldest constellations. Therefore it is rich in mythology and has many different stories. Perhaps it goes as far back as the Babylonian empire and represents the same goat-fish found on ancient stone tablets, or the god Ea. In classical Greek mythology it represents Amalthea, the goat which nursed the baby Zeus. The goats horn was broken off and formed the cornocopea, horn of plenty. Another myth says that Pan, the goat-god jumped into the Nile while fighting Typhus and his underwater parts were turned into a fish. The ancient Sumerians perhaps thought that it had to do with Enki, the god who brought the sea-culture to the land.

Hygenus (in his poeticum astonomicum II--28 AD) wrote that this constellation represents Pan. When pan fled to Egypt he transformed himself into this half fish, half goat animal and hid in the Nile river.

Even before that,

Eratosthenes of Crete (in his writing Catasterism--about 200 B.C.) wrote that these stars represented the legendary son of Aegiapan who lived on Crete and fought against the Titans.

A non-mythological note is that the "Tropic of Capricorn owes its name to this constellation, as in ancient times the December equinox occurred in this constellation.
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