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Tariel stared down at the ancient tome. She slid her finger along the parchment, staring at it. It was an old wizards text, one she had found while freeing the Gygaxian horses [link] and she considered it a rare find. It was an old book one that she'd been seeking. One that was full of symbolism and power. She turned her eyes to the pages, seeking answersÂ….

It is the representation of the Goddess Aspect. It holds beneath its cloven hoof the Pentacle, a symbol of unity, detailed above. The unicorn is one of the oldest mythological beings. It has traveled through lore as a single horned bull, antelope, horse, dragon and many other manifestations. It has been throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas and has pranced through tapestries, bestiaries, sculptures, paintings and more....It has been found on cave walls and has been featured in modern movies. It is easy to say that the unicorn is one of the most popular legendary creatures, and its popularity can only grow.

Unicorns vary in appearance, but the most commonly accepted version is a single horned alabaster horse with a lions tail, beard and tufted legs. The unicorn has also been as small as a cat or been larger than a skyscraper. The unicorn has been a symbol of gods, demons, witches, Jesus and nearly every other archetype it seems. To me, the unicorn is the Horned God...or it is the sliver of the moon, whose sharp new moon shape is the sharpened horn. The unicorn is Artemis, Demeter, is the horse, the child, the fae....

Many people think that you need to be a virgin in order to draw a unicorn. This is primarily a Christian concept and although its origins are shady, from what my research has been able to tell me it is contradictory to the original unicorn idea. The unicorn may only come to those who are pure of intention and possess a virtue beyond that the body can hold. It has normally been a divine being of goodness, however, that also has changed over the years.

The unicorn first appeared in mythology 3000 BCE in China and there were active sightings up until 1820. Although many people these days attest to seeing the magnificent creature, they are often ignored or discredited. Regardless of whether or not the unicorn exists, it is a creature of inspiration and power. Either way, the unicorn is a powerful symbol for myself and for people everywhere.

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Name: Irashelle
Gender: Mare
Breed: (SemiDivine) 1/2 Winged Nightmare Unicorn Friesian (Demonic/Profane: Lust) 1/2 Winged Unicorn Goddess
Build: Arabian
Age: 22 years
Height: 14 hands
Color: Iridescent white fur with iridescent purple mane and tail. Her fur has a slight bluish tint to it.
Markings: She has a slight iridescence to her fur but no markings
Discipline: Priestess. She has been trained as a priestess of the unicorns. She also does dressage with Tariel.
Passible Traits: As a divine winged unicorn, she can pass along any traditional winged unicorn traits (wings, horn, strange coloration) but she can also pass along magical powers.
Sire/Dam: Malcarnus [link] / Abathia [link]
Bloodlines: Abathia
Offspring: Ishohem and Ohrelle - [link]
For stud/lease: Yes. My policy is that you note me to make arrangements. If you are leasing one of my mares, you draw the breeding picture and foal. If you are using one of my studs and approach me, you are drawing the breeding picture and foal.
For stud/lease Openings: There are three slots open at any given time for this horse. Slots open as breedings are completed.

Personality: Wise, orderly but has a playful streak. She's very organized and is the one to talk to if you're holding any events on the island. She's very vocal and also loves music. She's a great singer and dancer.


More Pictures: Ostara's Blessing [link]

Art Creation Notes: Winged unicorn supporting a pentagram. This is one of the sides of our Coven Symbol. Additionally, I am using it as one of the art pieces in the unicorn class I am teaching at

My first encounter with a unicorn was when I was little older than three. I was sleeping and I had a dream I was in a completely white room. There was a mirror that covered the wall on one side. I think it might have had golden edges, but its hard to say. Honestly, I was very young and I wasn't concerned about the mirror, only that I knew it was magical. I stared into it and suddenly I saw it warping white an silver. With a crash, I saw a magnificent white unicorn leap from the mirror. Shards of glass scattered everywhere. I think I might have screamed from the noise and glass. However, I was holding a stuffed unicorn and I know I was very happy. I don't remember any more of the dream.

Year Completed: 2007
Time it Took: 120 Minutes
Medium: Pencil
Original Size: 10x10 Inches
Source/Model: No Source
Notes: The Pentagram is the symbol of protection and Earth (in some faiths).

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