Satyr Picture

I have no idea why, but I really wanted to draw a satyr. I've always found them to be interesting. Although most of them seem to be mischevious little guys. This little guy looks so innocent. XD In case there are some of you out there who have no idea what a Satyr is, in Greek mythology, satyrs are mythological half-man and half-goat creatures that roamed the woods and mountains, and were the companions of Pan (God of the Woods) and Dionysus (God of Wine).

I have no idea how to "properly" draw a satyr's anatomy, but this is how I picture them. I was going to give him a little beard, but he seemed to young for one.

OMG the EYES!!! O____o I like them a lot. I found an eye tutorial online and it gave me a few tips so I tweeked my usual eye style. I really like them. :3

It's unusual for me to upload something that isn't Neopets or FanArt related, so I'm pretty pleased with this one. He turned out cuter than I imagined.

Please don't be critical of my people-drawing skills. We all know I suck. And I know the right hand looks funny....just don't look at it.

Background is lame and done in photoshop.

Any ideas for a name for this guy? :3

Art (c) Me
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