Trio of Greek Rejects Picture

+-Rejects of the Parthenon-+

+Pandora A. Boxx+
17 year old reincarnation of Greek mythologies Pandora, now forced to carry around cured box and collect scattered demons with assistance of Temperance and Sinatra. Coffee addict.

+Sinatra Aldis+(belongs to ~zabuza13cola )
Living painting assigned to keep an eye on Temperance by Hades, but sicks around to be near Pandora. Heavy smoker, pants stained with paint.

+Temperance Hadez+
Disowned daughter of Hades, demigoddess, assisting Pandora to get her status as a god back. Serious, hot tempered- literally- and has a deep hate for Sinatra. Keeps left eye and neck completely covered due to reasons she won't reveal.


I am writing a story using these 3. I may or may not put it on DA. So far I've got a few pages written and I'm quite happy with it. I want to eventually get a book published, if and when i do, *MagicMeds will tattoo its title on her butt. XD
The dedication page is gonna say
"To 'Meds'
Enjoy your new tattoo~"

Sinatra ©
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