Top 10 Underrated Villains Picture

Being a huge villain geek myself, there are a lot of villains I wish could get the attention they deserve. I need to explain myself on these, so let's waste no time.

10. Sirius Black (Harry Potter)
Alright, hear me out - there's a reason I have him lowest on the list. I know he isn't a villain in Harry Potter - we only THINK he is for the majority of the third film. But I think his potential of BEING a villain is underrated. Because let's face it... at least in the movies, after it's proven he is a good guy... he's very, very, VERY boring. But when we thought he was a villain, he was badass. Especially in the scene in the old creepy house and we think he wants to kill Harry.
And let's face it - he would have been SO much more intimidating and scary than that pathetic excuse for a villain Voldemort turned out to be from movie 4's climax and from that point on.

9. Zeus (Greek Mythology)
Again, this is for Zeus' potential for being a villain. But the thing is - he HAS been used as a villain... but only once. Which of course is in the God of War franchise. Else, he is viewed as a good guy. And.... that's just SO wrong. Zeus was an asshole in Greek Mythology. And Hades? He was nothing but neutral and strict, trying to keep order and balance to everything in the Underworld (NOT Hell). Zeus is the real bad guy of Greem Mythology, even though he wasn't originally intended to be. Writers needs to get this... but sadly, they are too stupid. Look at Percy Jackson, Disney's Hercules, Clash of the Titans/Wrath of the Titans, Immortals... just sad.

8. Gothmog (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King)
Apparently not existing originally in the book as a character, but the general for the attack of Minas Tirith in the movie, leading 100 thousand orcs. Like that's not badass enough - he's just badass in all other kind of ways. He has such authority, and he has no mercy, and he isn't scared of anything. I just love how he doesn't care about the catapult shooting that huge piece of rock structure towards him - he just stands there and waits til right the millisecond comes he needs to move in order to survive... and then he just spits on it. I freakin' love this guy.
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