Faun-Art Card Picture

One of the cards in my newest ACEO series. This series features mythological figures. This is a Faun common in both Greek and Roman mythology often associated with the god Dionysus (Bacchus).

(Yes, I know he has goat horns even though I say he's a faun. Fauns -deer hoofs and horns- are supposed to be beautiful while Satyrs-goat hoofs and horns- are supposed to be kind of ugly...so I say he's a faun.)

This, along with other art cards and art work of mine is for sale on my Etsy account:


Copic markers, sepia Micron pen, and white gel pen on Bristol ACEO.

took about 25 minutes

Art @ Me no stealing please!

*EDIT* this card has been sold! if you are interested in this card or one like it, feel free to contact me, I can always make another one like it!
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