Rough: Daughter of Pan Picture

._. LOL boobs.
Sooo this is Daughter of Pan >w< Anyone that knows mythology might know of Pan, he's a god.. kinda xDDD
It's said that he taught shepherds how to masturbate; he's a serious Lust induced addict, from nymphs to animals. The filthy bugger would hump anything >/

This Character: known only as Daughter Of Pan, had been created for Uni. We were told that we'd make a half human and half creature character for a project... like always that didn't happen ._. but I still like her. The story behind her is that Pan had wronged Hades and in doing so Hades took Pans daughter from him, casting her down into the underworld for revenge, she remind in the underworld as a slave to Hades as Pan never tired to return her.

>w< I love her goat body, but not so much her upper half, think I'm going to need some referencing it for her xDD I need help with ribs >.>;

Artz & Daughter Of Pan © =BlueEyedWerewolf. BEW. KRC

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