Dionysus and Ampelus Picture

Well, after Night Terrors, I promised I'd draw something happy for Dio, so I decided to draw him with his first love, Ampelus.

Ampelus was a satyr boy, but there are several kinds of beings that got lumped together under the title "satyr" in Greek mythology. Normally, I draw the Pan-esque satyrs, with the goat legs from the waist down, goat ears, and a kinda fluffy tail, but for Ampelus, I decided to go with human legs with donkey ears and tail. And, of course, goat horns, since it's just not a satyr to me without the horns.

Anyways, like in many myths there are several variations on who Ampelus was and what exactly happened there, but they all agree on three things: that he was very handsome, that he was Dio's first love, and that he died a tragic death. For my Dio's backstory, Ampelus was a shepherd near Mt. Nysa, and they officially met after Zeus finally turned Dio back into human form (he spent his adolescence trying to avoid Hera's notice in the form of a goat). Cue puppy love moving on up into First Love and a happy Dio.

This is officially the girliest I've drawn Dio to date. XD I blame the hair.
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