DBGT: Fractured Fairy Tale Picture

Title: Fractured Fairy Tale
Date: 4.09.2010

The Story:
She only wanted to read a story. A magic book allowed her to be part of the story, where she befriended a Princess named Hestia, and helped her protect her kingdom from the invading emperor. However, the Emperor nor his men were what they seemed. They were, in fact the ones living in poverty and despair under the rule of Princess Hestia. However by the time Pan realized who was the real tyrant was, Hestia found her way to the real world, trapping Pan back in her kingdom.

My Take:
I’m going “off the board” again to be able to participate in #DBZ-Girls challenge, the theme being “Mythology.” I actually tried to make this theme trickier than it actually was, but once an idea came to me, it went pretty smoothly from there.

I wanted to go with a fairy tale theme, but something with a twist. It’s common to see the Princess as a “damsel in distress” in these types of tales, which is what inspired me to cast her as a villain type here. As for the name, I chose “Hestia” after the Greek Goddess. The dress was a combination of three different dresses I saw while trying to find Hestia’s outfit. It wasn’t until the last minute that I decided to switch their outfits as a result of Pan getting trapped in the story.

What I Like Most:
I really like how Pan came out here, even after I decided to switch their clothes, she still came out well. This is the first time I tried her without the bandana, and aside from a couple of minor details, I think her hair came out well. Despite not coming out that well, I am proud of the character “Princess Hestia” that I came up with for this theme.

What I Dislike Most:
From the early sketching stages Hestia did not want to agree with me. First her head was way too big, next I couldn’t get her eyes right, then I decided to switch their clothes, not without incident there, and then after all that I manage to screw up her arms…so I hid one, and had to settle for where the other one was. The way I laid everything out pretty much prevented me from doing any decent background for this one (not that I could do that anyway), but I could have done better here.

Final Thoughts:
For those of you that are new to my drawings, I use a different style than you are used to. This style is most noticeable when I do DragonBall characters. I have nothing against the original style, but I’m not going to try to be someone that I’m not. I want to have a style of my own.

If you’d like to try your hand at coloring, you can find the outline here:

Pan is © Akira Toriyama
Princess Hestia is © yours truly
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