Death to Pan Picture

Obviously I'm still living in Greek mythology mode.
This is my tribute to Pan.

(He was the son of Hermes, the messenger, who was very gifted in herding goats. Pan is usually portrayed as a half man/half goat, frolicking and drinking, playing his flute and perhaps possessing a gigantic phallus. Pan was worshipped as a fertility god both for crops and for human reproduction.)

It all started because I really wanted to draw some bones. And use my long-neglected PrimsaColor Pencils.
Goat-parts quickly became bone-parts. Pillars became tibias. Vertabrae danced in the air like music notes.
Suddenly I realized that the bones where making this look much more like the god Hades, the Lord of the Underworld.
Then I couldn't get the shading right.
And then the clouds were sucking.
The new technique with the water wasn't really working either. . . .
And WHY is it that I'm mixing colours but they still look so frickin primary????

So welcome to bony dead webbed Pan and his incredible floating bonehouse.

*In retrospect, when Christianity reached its humble way to Greece and pronounced itself Master, Pan's cloven hooves quickly became a new aspect of the Devil's image due to the horrendous sins of playing music, laughter, drinking, and fornication. So it's really quite accurate. Completely by accident. It should be titled Death to Coloured Pencils.
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